Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with us. We're always happy to assist you.

About the Agency
What do we do?

AGEA Talents is the leading talent agency specialized in livestreaming and customized talent management. Our focus lies in fostering talent growth, ensuring their well-being, optimizing compensation, and bridging the gap between talents and businesses in ways that are exclusive and not accessible to the general public.

Why choose us?

Choosing AGEA Talents means opting for a leading agency that specializes in turning the impossible into reality for our livestream talents. Not only do we understand the unique demands and opportunities of the livestreaming world, but with our in-depth industry expertise, we empower our talents to navigate through this evolving landscape adeptly. We make the impossible possible by creating unrivaled experiences, connections, and opportunities for growth. When you choose us, you choose an innovative, forward-thinking, and dedicated partner in your livestreaming journey.

What does representation by our agency entail?

Being represented by our agency means that we serve as your professional liaison within the industry. We work on your behalf to identify and seize career opportunities, expand your network, and connect you with potential partnerships or collaborations. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance and ongoing support to help you showcasing your unique talents to the world.

How do you handle contract negotiations?

Our agency's experienced professionals carefully handle contract negotiations, safeguarding your best interests. We meticulously navigate through the various aspects—financial, legal, and creative—that impact your career success. We work diligently to secure favorable terms and conditions, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial agreement for all parties involved. Trust in our expertise to manage the negotiation process, allowing you to focus on your passion and talent.

Can the agency guarantee me opportunities?

We can open doors for you, but it's ultimately your responsibility to seize those opportunities.

Will I be provided with a contract if I partner with the talent agency?

Yes. Everyone who joins our agency is given a contract which delineates the specifics of our collaboration. Rest assured, this isn't to tie you down long-term. It's to officially include you in our roster and let you enjoy all the advantages of our agency. Depending on the client or opportunity, there might be additional contracts on a case-by-case basis.

What is the best way to communicate with the agency?

The most effective way to communicate with our agency is through email, as it allows us to track and document your inquiries and concerns comprehensively. However, we also maintain an active presence on various social media channels where you can reach out to us for quick questions or updates. Additionally, for immediate concerns or assistance, please contact our dedicated admin team. We strive to cater to all communication preferences and ensure a timely response.

Are there opportunities outside of livestreaming?

For a select group of talents, we offer 1:1 tailored talent management services. Since availability is limited, we encourage those interested in this personalized experience to reach out to us.

Joining and Criteria
Do I have to pay any fees?

Becoming a part of our agency involves no financial risk or obligation. It's completely cost-free, with no concealed fees. So no - it's free! We operate on a philosophy of shared success - you grow, we grow.

How can I apply?

Please visit our website at to access the online application form. Complete and submit your application, our dedicated team will carefully review it, and you can expect a timely response from us. We appreciate your interest in joining our agency and look forward to connecting with you soon.

If you have problems submitting the form, please contact

What's the criteria to apply?

We are founded on inclusivity, cherishing the individuality of each talent. Everyone is welcome to apply, irrespective of their backgrounds, qualifications, or experience. Talent for us isn't confined to the realms of resumes or portfolios; it resides in the spark of passion and dedication.

Can I decide which platform I want to stream on?

Yes, absolutely! The choice of platform for streaming is entirely up to you.

Can I livestream on multiple platforms?

Certainly! We encourage you to explore and livestream on multiple platforms if you wish. It provides you the opportunity to gauge which platforms offer the best user experience and suit your individual needs. If you find that one platform isn't the right fit, you can always try another, ensuring that you maximize your potential in the ever-evolving world of livestreaming.

Payments and Revenue
When do I get paid?

Earnings from your streaming activities are paid out on a monthly basis with a one-month delay. For instance, your earnings for August will be paid out in September. It's important to note that your income is directly related to your streaming performance. In some months where you devote more time and effort to streaming, you may find that your earnings increase. Conversely, in months where you stream less, you may observe a decrease in your earnings.

How can livestreamers earn money from their streams?

Livestreamers today possess an array of opportunities to monetize their content, and those opportunities grow exponentially when paired with the right support. At the heart of a livestreamer's revenue are platform-specific features, where viewers can buy virtual gifts or tokens as a sign of their admiration. These tokens often translate directly into monetary gains. Moreover, the gifting system on many platforms provides an interactive avenue for viewers to show their appreciation in real-time, deepening the connection between the creator and the audience.

As streamers continue to build a dedicated viewer base, the chances of further revenue-generating actions, such as merchandise sales, subscriptions, or affiliate link conversions, increase. Brands also recognize the burgeoning value of livestreaming, leading to lucrative sponsorships and advertising deals.

But there's a unique advantage that comes with being under our wing. Our agency, recognized as an industry leader, offers an exclusive benefit that stands out in the crowded world of livestreaming: an additional salary for streamers. By reaching certain milestones and adhering to requirements tailored to individual platforms, our partnered livestreamers can earn over and above their usual earnings. This unparalleled incentive, not commonly available elsewhere, underscores the unmatched opportunities we offer, ensuring our livestreamers truly maximize their potential in an ever-evolving digital age.

Equipment and Setup
Do I need to invest in equipment?

Not at all. Starting out, it's more important to focus on your content and building an audience. As you grow and understand your livestreaming needs better, you can gradually invest in advanced equipment if you wish. Many successful streamers began with just the basics and upgraded over time. It's about the journey and the connection you build, not just the tools you use.

What's the basic setup you'd recommend for someone just starting?

For beginners, you don't need to dive deep into expensive setups. Start with what you have:

  • Use your smartphone as your primary camera.
  • Ensure you have a clear and non-distracting background.
  • Prioritize good lighting, which can be natural daylight or a simple LED light.
  • Make sure your audio is clear and free from unnecessary background noise.
  • Lastly, always be mindful of your appearance as it leaves an impression on your viewers. Dress appropriately and be presentable.

This simple setup is more than enough to get you started.

I don't have professional equipment; can I still produce quality livestreams?

Definitely! While professional equipment can enhance quality, it isn't a necessity. In today's tech age, a high-end smartphone can produce impressive video and audio quality for livestreams. Focus on ensuring good lighting and clear audio. Remember, the heart of a successful livestream lies in the content and the connection you make with your viewers. It's all about you, the personality and authenticity you bring to the screen.

Livestreaming Basics
What exactly is livestreaming?

Livestreaming is the real-time broadcasting of video and audio content over the internet, facilitating direct interaction between the broadcaster and viewers.

What advantages does livestreaming offer over other content formats?

Livestreaming stands out from edited content on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Blogs because of its raw and unfiltered nature. This immediate format fosters genuine connections, leading to deeply loyal audiences who appreciate the spontaneity and "live and authentic" feel.

What are the key ingredients for a successful livestreaming career?

Success in livestreaming hinges on authenticity and consistency. While initial follower count or past history might provide a boost, the genuine connection a streamer establishes with their audience holds the most weight. Being genuine, interactive, and consistent in content delivery are the pillars of building and maintaining a strong livestreaming presence.

How important is it to have a specific niche or talent in livestreaming?

It's not a strict requirement. In the world of livestreaming, you are your best asset. While niches can help in targeting specific audiences, many streamers find their niche naturally over time by just being themselves and gauging audience feedback.

Can I experiment with different content types before settling on one?

Absolutely! Experimenting can help you discover what you're most passionate about and what resonates with your audience. It's all part of the journey to find out what works best for you. Enjoy the process!

Should I consider having a consistent schedule for my livestreams?

Certainly! Maintaining a consistent schedule for your livestreams offers numerous advantages. It provides predictability for your viewers, allowing them to know precisely when to join your sessions. This regularity not only aids you in staying disciplined and organized but also enhances your bond with the audience by showcasing your commitment. Furthermore, with a routine presence on the platform, you stand a better chance of optimized growth and attracting a loyal viewership.

What should I be aware of as I start my livestreaming journey?

When starting your livestreaming journey, it's essential to understand that this path is not typically one of overnight success. It requires a long-term perspective paired with a deep commitment. Regularity and consistency in your streaming schedule can play a crucial role in building and maintaining an audience. Like many ventures, livestreaming comes with its set of challenges. You might face challenging viewers, and especially at the beginning, feel as if no one's watching. However, the journey can be deeply fulfilling as you grow and foster meaningful interactions with your audience. Remember, it's more about the quality of the connections you make rather than sheer numbers. A smaller, genuinely engaged audience is often more valuable than a larger, uninvolved one. So, embark on this journey with passion, resilience, and authenticity to truly find your place in the livestreaming world.

What are some common mistakes new livestreamers make, and how can I avoid them?

New livestreamers often fall into the trap of setting their expectations too high, anticipating swift growth, large audiences and success right from the start. Building a consistent audience requires time, patience, and effort. Beyond the anticipation of instantaneous success, it's crucial to stress the significance of first impressions. Good lighting doesn't just enhance video quality; it also sets the mood and ambiance for the viewers. Looking presentable goes beyond aesthetics; it conveys respect for your audience and professionalism in what you do. Being friendly and engaging can set the tone for the entire livestream, making viewers more likely to stay, interact, and return for future streams. Neglecting your audience is a common pitfall; remember that interaction is the very essence of livestreaming. It's vital to always acknowledge comments and engage with your viewers, as this helps cultivate a genuine sense of community and connection.

Challenges and Concerns
I don't think I have a unique talent; can I still succeed in livestreaming?

Of course! Livestreaming is about connecting with an audience and being authentic. Many successful streamers thrive on their personality and engagement rather than a specific talent. It's your passion and commitment that will make the difference.

I have no social media following; Is this a disadvantage?

Not at all! Every journey begins with a single step. Livestreaming is an excellent platform for building a dedicated audience from the ground up. While you may not see an explosive growth in follower count immediately, consistent and engaging content can cultivate a loyal fanbase. This approach is often more sustainable compared to other methods of audience building.

Does having a massive following guarantee success in livestreaming?

While a large following can give you a head start, it doesn't guarantee success in livestreaming. The magic of livestreaming lies in real-time interaction and authenticity. Dedication, consistency, and building a genuine rapport with your audience are key.

How should I deal with trolls or negative comments during my livestream?

First, establish clear community guidelines for behavior. You can use moderation tools or appoint moderators to help manage the chat. Address negativity calmly and avoid feeding the trolls. Remember, focusing on positive interactions will create a better environment for your community.