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Who We Are

We are a young, growing company focused on the management and recruitment of talent. Our mission is to create a collaborative network that cultivates creativity, curiosity, and passion. We are building our brand with huge ambitions, looking to explode globally in all ends of the digital entertainment industry. For that reason, we are very dedicated in every department to fulfill our clients' casting requirements and help our talent reach their best performance.

AGEA was launched officially in May 2019. Until today we have more than 400+ active content creators, with new joiners every month. We’ve got some major plans for the future, and your input will shape how AGEA grows. Whatever you have to say, we’re always listening and responding to our passionate community.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make the world a more connected place, online and offline. We’re working on creating a global network dedicated to helping freelancers and creative, independent personalities find opportunities so that they can continue to work the way they want - around their schedules and lives.

Our Mission

We are building a global talent network that connects those seeking opportunities with those providing opportunities.

We aim to give passionate personalities opportunities to realize their full potential by revolutionizing the industry with a new way of thinking. By doing so, we envision tapping into the potential of each individual and helping them achieve the success they deserve.


We are continuously expanding our network and assisting more talents and partners worldwide.

Thao Le

CEO "Different generations have different mindsets, if we understand each other, we become an unbeatable team."


Chief Operating Officer "Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Then we tailor our approach to match."

Anna Garcia

Recruitment Specialist "We listen carefully and take great care to understand you, your style, and personality. There is so much more in you, that you might not see, but we do!"